osTube goes ViMP

All ownership of the software, brands and domains have been passed over from AUVICA GmbH to ViMP GmbH on the 1st of October, 2010.

ViMP brings together the code base of the longtime success product osTube and the high performance product AUVICA Media Framework on a PHP symfony framework basis.

osTube goes ViMP

ViMP supports a much more modular approach than the forerunner products. The standard versions can be enhanced with modules and add-ons at any time. The number of modules increases continuously.

The osTube development has been discontinued with the development of the successor product ViMP 2.0. The ViMP GmbH doesn’t offer osTube support, but the osTube forum and the FAQ knowledge base will be kept online as a matter of course.

Go to www.vimp.com to get more information about the new products and download the free ViMP Community Version.